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Leading Language and Technology Institute (LLTI) is a training organization located in Norroy-Le-Veneur, between Metz and Thionville.

It offers tailor-made and innovative training in languages, IT, office automation, robotics, programming, management and personal development within its structures in France and Luxembourg.

LLTI is an approved test center for the majority of language, computer-office automation tests and an official center for issuing these certificates. The training center is Data Dock referenced and is in the process of QUALIOPI referencing by Bureau Veritas.


LLTI Group is made up of several schools:

  • Leading Language Institute (LLI), language training

  • Leading Technology Institute (LTI), computer, office automation and programming training

  • Algora-Metz , robotics and programming school for children, adolescents and adults

  • LLTI Kids Academy , language courses for children and adolescents

  • LLTI Lab, innovation hub where industry 4.0 players meet to give birth to the biggest ideas of tomorrow


In 2015, Slawomir Pindor created LLI (Leading Language Institute) based on many years of experience in public education in France and abroad. With 30 native trainers, it wishes to offer tailor-made training and lively and innovative teaching methods in languages where each trainer teaches in his mother tongue.

In 2020, Leading Language and Technology Institute is created to expand the training catalog and meet the needs of the general public for training in IT, office automation, new technologies and many others (3D printing, drone piloting, virtual reality ... ).

In 2021, Emilie Pindor joined LLTI to create the Algora Metz school, a robotics and programming school for children, adolescents and adults. This is one more step for LLTI towards new technologies and it reflects the desire to train the youngest in digital technology and in the professions of the future. The ambition to offer the general public a support formula, an innovative and above all efficient course, which meets the real training and support needs of each person but also to help develop the key skills that are so important and often highly sought after in the labor market with new trends such as Industry 4.0, digital transformation and digital.

We chose the hummingbird to represent us ...

Logo LLI (Colibri)_edited_edited.png

It was during a trip to Costa Rica that Slawek and Emilie heard for the first time the Native American fable about a world famous little bird: the hummingbird.

This story echoed what is important to LLTI: flexibility, quality work and the determination to want to be a player in the changing world. These strengths make LLTI a partner of great adaptability and quality. LLTI has surrounded itself with trusted collaborators whose commitment to quality each constitutes the overall success of this company.

Nos valeurs




Great accomplishments are almost always the result of several people. We give the best of ourselves and work with empathy and confidence to achieve great things together.



We believe that excellence and continuous improvement are inextricably linked. Also, we use innovative technology and superior service to constantly satisfy our customers.



We take our work to heart and want everyone to enjoy adventure alongside us. Our desire is to move forward and set ambitious goals to make everything we do more meaningful.



Remain adamant, honest, and inspire confidence by saying what we think, acting on our statements and taking responsibility for our actions.



Because everyone is unique, we strive to meet their needs through tailored, tailor-made support that meets their expectations.

At LLTI, we respect the deontology charter: 

Macaron-Charte-de-déontologie-CPF-1 (2).png
Notre Équipe
Paysage de montagne


Slawomir Pindor.png

Slawomir Pindor

Emilie Pindor.jpg

Emilie Pindor


Camille Gehin


Nos Formateurs
On recrute
Travail de la maison avec un chien


Do you love to pass on your knowledge and would you like to join the ship within a young and dynamic team?

Leading Language and Technology Institute is constantly recruiting trainers in all languages and fields!

Nos locaux


Our offices and training rooms are located in Norroy-le-Veneur (57), ten minutes from Metz, in a coworking space: the Convivium.

This new and eco-responsible building is above all a pleasant place to live, where the various companies and associations that work there join forces to create moments of sharing and exchange.

We will be delighted to welcome you to this absolutely brilliant place!



“Testimonials work great. Showing your reviews in quote marks has a powerful effect on customers and makes them more likely to trust you. ”

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