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The Personal Training Account (CPF or ex DIF) allows you to partially or totally finance your registration for certain training courses. These are the rights acquired by an employee throughout his working life and until his retirement.

Since January 1, 2019, this account has been funded in euros and no longer in hours.
The training courses eligible for the CPF are now specified in a single , regularly updated list.


Personal training accounts are automatically funded each year without the incumbent having to take any special steps, up to € 500 per year worked and up to a limit of € 5,000 for a full or part-time employee. For an unqualified employee, the CPF is funded up to € 800 per year and capped at € 8,000.

Once registered and by going to his personal space, the holder can consult the amount of his rights, read the lists of training courses eligible for the CPF and directly put together his training file.

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The employee can mobilize his CPF to train during his working time and in this case, he must request the authorization of his employer, at least:

  • 60 days before the start of the training if it lasts less than 6 months

  • 120 days before the start of the training if it is longer than 6 months

The employer has 30 days to give his response to the employee.
Beyond this period and without response, the training request is considered accepted.

Moreover, if the employee wishes to train during his free time, he does not need the agreement of his employer.


Since January 1, 2015, all job seekers have a CPF. As soon as they register with Pôle Emploi, any job seeker can mobilize their CPF for training.

If the amount of his CPF rights is insufficient, he has the possibility of:

  • Pay the remainder by credit card

  • Apply for a matching contribution to Pôle Emploi on your remaining expenses.
    The request can be made directly to Pôle Emploi from the My Account Training site . Pôle Emploi then responds to you in your personal space within 10 days of your request.

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The CPF, if it is insufficient, may be supplemented in certain cases:

  • If a state, branch or company agreement provides for it

  • If, in companies with more than 50 employees, the employer has not carried out the professional interview scheduled every 2 years and the employee has not obtained 2 elements out of the following three: certification, training or salary or professional progression every 6 years. In this case, the account is supplemented with an additional 3000 €.

  • If the rights are insufficient to follow a training course (you can request the free help of a career adviser or ask your employer and your HRD for more information);

  • If an employee is dismissed following the refusal of a modification of his employment contract resulting from the application of a company agreement, he benefits from a minimum contribution of € 3,000 from his CPF

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