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Garçon avec robot bricolage


 Robotics & Programming 

The Algora-Metz school trains children, adolescents and adults in programming.
It is located in the premises of LLTI in Norroy-le-Veneur, ten minutes from Metz.

Enfants avec des capes


The objective of the Algora-Metz school is to train children and adolescents in digital technology, with the aim of acquiring essential skills for the future. Thanks to a playful, creative and concrete approach, the child learns to code.

For this, he builds a robot and the program according to what he wants to see it achieve. The speed of construction is amazing and the use, adaptable to all ages.

There are several courses:

- discovery workshops for the little ones

- internships to discover the programming

- a course for children aged 6 to 9 , adapting to their cognitive development and combining 3D puzzles, robotics and robot programming

- a course for children aged 10 to 14 over 3 years, specially designed for college students.

Robotique Lab Assistant
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